The One Series

It was early 2009, a pretty bleak time in my personal history, though many would not have been immediately aware. I was able to secure a solo show (at the Front St. Gallery in Cuyahoga Falls) through my connections with the art group Apollonova. It was my first solo show in a while, and the first in Ohio. The idea of “beginning” was strong, yet the creative concepts brewing in me were all over the place.

What was clear was that I was recovering from a traumatic experience, and I sought to express this in a way that was constructive, rather than miring in self-loathing. And with the many facets involved, I didn’t want all the work to address one thing. I decided to approach the series as songs: every painting was “music” with accompanying words as “lyrics,” combining into an “album.”

The “one” show exhibited on April of 2009. Regrettably, some of the actual words of this series were subsequently lost in the midst of a series of moves, and one of the pieces was sold separately due to economic woes.


In 2013, I did a review of the pieces with further explanation about them.

Prints of these works are featured in the Ohio Period series and they are available now for sale at Fine Art America.

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Visual works by fine artist Will Felix, from 1998 to 2014.